Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, lovely, wonderful, magnificent – this list can go on forever – couple Vita and Dmitrij . Their wedding day was on 10th of September 2016. Exactly on this day, September 10, 29 years ago – our designer Jolanta has had her wedding as well! This year it will be one year for the newly formed family, and 30 years for our designer! We sincerely believe that our wedding dresses bring luck and happiness into the families. We have all dreamed of a dress as magical as this mermaid design. Bride Vita had the chance to have the most gorgeous and unique wedding dress. In this dress she felt like the leading lady in her marvellous love story. Only one such dress was made especially for her. Pure white color – she was just like an angle from the heaven. Beautiful top and open shoulders add a lot of sensuality and femininity to this dress. A game of contrasts and apparent contradictions fuse into this incredible large-train mermaid design, turning the bride into a real life princess! We sincerely congratulate her and her husband and we wishh them a happy and long lasting life together!

From Julija Bridal Fashion with love!