Our Mission

We aim to pleasure every single bride with our designs. We truly believe that we can bring our exciting ideas to life and share them with you. Every single collection made includes a lot of hard work done by our designers, cutters, tailors, seamstress and photographers. But the result is worth all this put effort, we really enjoy surprising our customers with something new and creative. We work for your WOW impression, it is the most honest assessment for us to hear it.

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Our inspiration

Beautiful wedding dresses are created in the fairy tale city!

We live and create all the wedding dresses in the most beauteous City – Riga, Latvia, which is located in Europe.

Our wedding dresses are as romantic and dreamlike as our City. In the heart of Riga there is an old city, which is literally called Old Town of Riga, with its tiny little streets and magnificent houses. Those houses still have many secrets and legends. The architecture is very diverse, it has jugendstil, modernism, classicism and gothic styles. Historically, the Old Town of Riga is included in UNESCO in the list of the world heritage. It is very pleasant to wander through the vintage streets and devote to creation and dreams. Therefore that is the reason why we have a lot of talanted people like musicians, artists and architects. Having a thought about the old days when women in splendid dresses were having a walk around the Old Town gives us an inspiration to create the wedding dresses.

Jurmala, which is the pearl of Latvia is just in a half an hour drive from the Riga. When we want to take a rest from the daily rush Jurmala is the best place for inspiration. Softest sand in the world, fresh sea breeze, pine aroma, white seagulls and romantic sunset. All the unique and creative wedding dresses for brides are born in such an atmosphere.

All brides are individual – we have aflutter relation with every single bride, and like musician takes care of his instrument, we take care of every bride with all our heart in order to create you a Unique Wedding Dress!

We work for your WOW impression, it is the most honest assessment for us to hear it.

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